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A Sermon for the Second Sunday of Easter, April 11, 2021

A Sermon for the Second Sunday of Easter, April 11, 2021 preached by The Rev. Chris Webber, Pastoral Associate
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The Bigelow Pipe Organ

The pipe organ at All Saints’ was built by the Michael Bigelow Organ Company of American Fork, Utah, their Opus 19;  installed in All Saints’ in 1989 .  This amazing organ, for its size, was featured on the cover and accompanying cover article in the December 1991 issue of “The American Organist” journal,  a magazine published by the American Guild of Organists.

Both the key and stop actions are mechanical, the only electricity involved is for the blower providing wind and music desk lights.  The organ  has a duplex stop action making it possible to play any of the nine manual stops on either Manual I or Manual II, adding much flexibility to this organ of fourteen ranks (sets of pipes).

Aspects of the stunning, visual design of the painted casework are inspired from the oldest playing pipe organ in the world, the 1346 organ in Sion, Switzerland.  While tonally, the organ is designed along 18th century Dutch and North German instruments, it can readily play organ literature from all periods, and national styles very effectively, especially considering its smaller size.  It is the perfect organ for the nave of All Saints’, filling the space nicely, while not being over powering.


Manual I or II

8′ Prestant

8′ Rohr Flute

8′ Viol

4′ Octave

2′ Fifteenth

II Sesquialter (only a 2 2/3′ Nazard when drawn on Manual I)

III Mixture (only a 1 1/3′ Quint when drawn on Manual II)

8′ Trumpet



16′ Bourdon

8′ Bourdon (extension of the 16′)

16′ Fagott

8′ Fagott (extension of the 16′)





Manual II to Manual I

Manual I to Pedal

Manual II to Pedal


Music at All Saints

All Saints’ Music Program

Come sing in our choir! If you or someone you know enjoys singing and is willing to commit to participating, please contact William Visscher, our Music Director:

Singers with all levels of experience are invited. You do not need to be Episcopalian to sing with us.

All Saints’ is an Anglo-Catholic congregation that loves to sing!  The music varies, from Gregorian Chant, to traditional hymnody, to twentieth century compositions.  In addition to hymn singing, the congregation also sings the “ordinary portions of the Mass”, (the Gloria in Excelsis, the Sanctus, the Fraction anthem, etc.)

The Choir supports the music during the service, by providing Offertory and Communion anthems, and leading the singing of the Psalms, Introits and other selections, especially on special days, which usually have special music associated with them.  While the choir is small, the devotion and ability of our small group of volunteer singers is outstanding.