Who We Are

We are a parish of the Episcopal Diocese of California. We are a diverse and inclusive Christian community, offering opportunities for worship, spiritual growth, ministry and service for people of all ages, races, cultures, and orientations.

We are Anglo-Catholic, participating in a tradition begun over 150 years ago to deepen the church’s spiritual life with an emphasis on sacramental worship and neighborhood service.

What Our Parishioners Say

When I wandered into All Saints’ forty
years ago, I had never even heard the words “Anglo-Catholic.” I found a place of beauty and a place where I could be useful.

Margaret Hamilton

I walk into this beautiful church and am struck over and over again by the richness of our heritage of love and care for those within our open circle. It is a circle that is open to accept the new who want to join us and to care for those who have been with us a long time as well as those  just passing through.

Brenda Neslon

Let’s build something together.